The Community Development Society (CDS) and International Association for Community Development (IACD) International Conference Minnesota 2016 (full Video)

The theme of the conference was of Sustaining Community Change. In addition, Building Local Capacity to Sustain Community Development Initiatives it also addressed the recently adopted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Click on the below image to view the full conference Reference list: IACD. 2016. Retrieved from  

Rural communities: A hotspot for sustainable development

The Equator Initiative has launched a call for nominations for the 9th Equator Prize, a prize recognizing excellence in communities taking nature-based actions for local development. It is for people like Fatima Ahmed, and the community initiative that she founded, that this prize was established. Fatima is President of Zenab for Women in Development in Sudan, a women’s agricultural cooperative that … Continue reading Rural communities: A hotspot for sustainable development

Article: Why UN, governments should infuse community development strategy in SDGs’s implementation

"Muhammad Bello Shitu, a professor of community development and innovation diffusion, is the Africa regional director and global vice president of the Scotland-based International Association for Community Development. In this interview, he argues that community development approach has great potentials for institutionalizing social justice in the governance process." Read full article here