Comunity health advocacy.

Competing health needs of diverse populations and ever shrinking resources available to support these needs often serve as the impetus for the initiation of advocacy efforts to improve community health. However, perceptions of what constitutes a community differ, as do approaches to advocacy itself. This glossary addresses five key questions: (1) What is advocacy?; (2) … Continue reading Comunity health advocacy.

Community Development and Health: guidance on the application of community development approaches to different aspects of anti-poverty and social inclusion work – Siobhán Lynam (Combat Poverty Agency)

An interesting paper on Community Development and Health that includes sections on: Why health matters How community development promotes better health and addresses health inequalities Facilitating communities to work for changes towards greater health equality The current health policy context Further reading and useful contacts Read Paper Here

The Leprosy Mission New Zealand   The Leprosy Mission New Zealand is a Christian development organisation that works with leprosy-affected families and their communities. About: Established in 1912, we are one of the oldest and most trusted charities in New Zealand. We are part of the Leprosy Mission International, a leading Christian development organisation that has a presence in over … Continue reading The Leprosy Mission New Zealand