Faith in Community Scotland

Faith in Community Scotland (FCS) aim it to support local people living in Scotland’s economically poorest neighbourhoods. FCS provide a range of training, advice, funding and support to faith groups in these areas and encourage them to work in partnership with others. With these partnerships FCS strive together to build flourishing communities. FCS believe strongly … Continue reading Faith in Community Scotland

Scotland Self-Sustainable Communities

This article from The Scotsman, Scotland’s National Paper written by Alison Campsie (2017) reveals five alternative communities that are based in Scotland which live a lifestyle much different to societies social norms. These range from communities that are conscious of their carbon footprint and are self-sustainable to spiritual getaways. Some of these places are possible … Continue reading Scotland Self-Sustainable Communities

Calgary community development conference promotion video.

Community development is working with individuals, communities and systems. It means reaching out and supporting people to reach their goals, building relationships and advocacy. Basically developing and redeveloping communities that have been disenfranchised. We help people realise their potential and capacity. Community development can be messy sometimes but it’s worth the work you put in. … Continue reading Calgary community development conference promotion video.