Creativity and Neighborhood Development

In this publication, Jeremy Nowak, President and CEO of The Reinvestment Fund, examines the role of community-based arts and cultural activity in neighborhood development and points towards strategies for building an integrated vision of creativity and development. It focuses on the ways cultural activity and neighborhood development have complementary and in some ways intertwined missions, … Continue reading Creativity and Neighborhood Development

The use of art in community development

In this paper, Lyz Crane draws on the work of practitioners and researchers to characterize the field of arts-based community development in which arts and culture can help achieve place-based change related to the physical, social, and economic dimensions of place.  From the premise that the existence of arts is considered a powerful end in … Continue reading The use of art in community development

Org: Mixit

"Mixit is a project that uses creativity to empower young people. It helps increase confidence, self-expression and communication skills. It’s a multi-cultural platform where young people with refugee backgrounds mix-it-up with local and migrant youth. It’s about bringing people together from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences and getting involved in creative projects together which … Continue reading Org: Mixit