Step Two: Writing A Post

Step One: Setting Up Your Account

Once signed in you should be taken to your dashboard, be sure to click “My Site” in the top left corner to start posting.

posting 1

2.1 Writing your text

Make sure you read the guidelines and rules of posting before publishing any content. What you write in your post will be for the most part determined on the content you wish to share. posting

Note: if you are still unsure about layout and presentation of posts check out the existing content deposited in the vault to help you get a clear understanding of  the best way to make your post user and GCDEX friendly.

2.2 Adding a Link

Adding external content into your post whether it be web links or file links is an important aspect of sharing content and resources. T0 ensure your link is correctly added to your post

  1. make sure the text you want to link through is big and bold enough for the reader to spot.
  2. highlight the desired text, completely.
  3. click the add text icon in the toolbar, to the left of the quotation marks.
  4. Once clicked, a pop up menu should appear with your link options.
  5. Paste your web link in the URL box.
  6. Press the “ADD LINK” button at the bottom of the menu.


You will see your link is added as the desired text will be underlined and highlighted as shown below.

links (2)


2.3 Adding Media

As well as adding links you can also add media from you computer or other device. Images and other files can be easily added to your posts but we recommend if your media is larger than 2mb than add the content as a link from an external file hosting service.

  1. Click the “ADD MEDIA” button on the top left of the toolbar (as highlighted below).
  2. Click “ADD NEW” in the pop up media library.
  3. You will then be taken to your file manager to search your through your own devices content for the media you wish to insert in your post.
  4. One you have selected your media it will uploaded into the GCDEX media library.
  5. The media will be ready to be inserted when it is highlighted, as shown in green below. (Note: you can insert multiple files in one go).


Step Three: Categories & Tags