Step Four: Publishing

Step Three: Categories & Tags

4. Publishing

Proof read your post and press “PREVIEW” to see your post before its posted. Once you are happy with your post go ahead and hit “PUBLISH”. Once you press publish you will note that your post “SAVING..”

Note: the GCDEX will automatically save all posts as drafts to ensure you do not lose your work. So if you are not 100% ready to publish your work just yet you will not lose it and always come back to work on it at a later date.  


Once your post is deposited you will be given the option to view your post on the GCDEX, that will be the indication that your post in saved and ready to use.


Note: you can always go back and edit and update your post if more information becomes available just make sure you make a note of the revision on the post so the reader can be aware it the changes as well.

Happy Posting!