Guidelines of Use

The Global Community Development Exchange aims to provide community practitioners with the means to share ideas and content with one another across the globe. To ensure that the GCDEX is successful in its aims we hope that its users follow this simple set of guidelines.

  1. Search the other posts to see if your topic is already covered.
  2. Use a clear and correct title for your post.
  3. Correctly categorize, tag, label all posts under the relevant sections (any post that is not correctly organized will either be deleted or edited directly by admin)
  4. Be civil. Personal differences should be handled through email and not through posts displayed to everyone.
  5. Do not post any private information eg, phone numbers, home addresses in a post or in the comments.
  6. Stay on topic. You can make various different posts to cover a wide range of issues, you don’t have to write it all in one.
  7. Do not submit a post that requires readers to download a large attachment. Either explain the attachment or, better yet, provide a link to the information.
  8. Use plain text and a simple layout if you want your post to be readable by everyone.
  9. In order to be understood by most people, use correct spelling, grammar and avoid slang unless you know the word or phrase will be understood by other members.
  10. Do not double post (post the same content twice in the same category) or cross post (place the same content across several relevant categories).

Any other issue or trouble you have found in the GCDEX please let us know