How can people who have been excluded from power play an equal role?

Claire Ainsley suggests three ideas for reforming democracy. New plans have been published by the UK Government to give local residents more say in decisions affecting their lives, as part of a wider strategy to strengthen communities and introduce participatory democracy. These are long overdue: we know 14 million people are locked in poverty and a daily … Continue reading How can people who have been excluded from power play an equal role?

Action Research in Policy Analysis

A new book on action research includes a chapter by two What Works Scotland research associates, drawing on the collaborative action research projects with community planning partnerships in Scotland. The chapter explores how action research can be a valuable methodology for producing the collaborative knowledge and action required to produce effective policy responses for the current … Continue reading Action Research in Policy Analysis

Blame game

For anyone trying to understand the shifting sands in the relationship between local and national government, the McIntosh Report published in 1999 seems to be required reading.  The McIntosh Commission tried to explore the emerging and potential relationships between local government and the new Scottish Parliament and made a number of recommendations, many of which … Continue reading Blame game