Rural communities: A hotspot for sustainable development

The Equator Initiative has launched a call for nominations for the 9th Equator Prize, a prize recognizing excellence in communities taking nature-based actions for local development. It is for people like Fatima Ahmed, and the community initiative that she founded, that this prize was established. Fatima is President of Zenab for Women in Development in Sudan, a women’s agricultural cooperative that … Continue reading Rural communities: A hotspot for sustainable development

Foundation Scotland

Foundation Scotland (FS) is an independent charity established to strengthen local communities by providing a source of funding to community led projects the length and breadth of Scotland. FS, was established to help people and organisations give to good causes effectively and inexpensively. Since 1996, the Foundation has been delivering innovative funding programmes, distributing over … Continue reading Foundation Scotland

The Scottish Islands Federation

The Scottish Islands Federation (SIF) gives a voice for the Scottish Islands. The aims and objectives of the Scottish Islands federation is to promote, publicise and advance the interests of Scotland’s islands. These include developing a broad and inclusive membership from all Scottish Islands. To ensure community and voluntary groups have a voice and are well represented … Continue reading The Scottish Islands Federation