Roles in the Exchange

Author (recommended)

An Author can create, edit, publish, and delete only their own posts, as well as upload files and images. Authors do not have access to create, modify, or delete pages, nor can they modify posts by other users. Authors can edit comments made on their posts.


A Contributor can create and edit only their own posts, but cannot publish them. When one of their posts is ready to be published, or has been revised, the Administrator needs to be notified personally by the Contributor to review it. Furthermore, once a Contributor’s post is approved and published by an Administrator, it can no longer be edited by the Contributor.

Note: Contributors do not have the ability to upload files or images, but they download and save content others have deposited in the vault.

Viewer/ Follower

Users who can only view the site’s content, they do not have any editing privileges. All they can do is simply read the site they were invited to and leave comments on it.

Note: The user must always be specifically invited to view the site. Viewers will be able to take out content from the exchange but not able to deposit content into it.