At the 2015 CDS conference in the Lexington Kentucky, a workshop was proposed by Ron Hustedde on collaboration in community development education and training. Bjorn Peterson and John Stansfield were invited to co-produce this workshop. About 40 participants attended the workshop which was held just prior to the conference proper. Notwithstanding the challenges of no universal and intercultural definition of CD, and the impacts of an increasingly competitive educational environment, the groups formed consensus about the desirability of closer collaboration’s in the benefits these would bring.

Ideas discussed included:

·         To be a more formal grouping of educators.

·         Sharing courses and course development.

·         Sharing learning resources.

·         Opportunities for joint research.

·         Student and faculty exchanges between institutions and programs.

·         Placements, fieldwork or internships for our students with each other’s institutions and programs.

·         A visiting fellow scheme.

·         Shared professional development opportunities. Ideas canvassed included.

From this IACD education chair John Stansfield in NZ and the Community Development team at Unitec drafted a proposal for a way of CD educators being able to share courses and course materials online. The GCDEX was designed and developed by Katie Hay and tested by CD volunteers from IACD and ACDA