A Guide To The Vault’s Filing System

So you wrote your post and deposited it into the vault and now you can’t find it? Your work has fallen into a black hole and you don’t know how to get it out?

Chances are your post was un-categorized which means its been left in an ignored and unorganized pile in the corner that no one will ever see. Here’s a guide on how the filing system in the GCDEX is set up and how to work your way around it.

What are these categories for and how do I use them?

In the step by step guide we illustrated how to categorize your post but before you can use the categories themselves you should know which category is used for what content. Below is a graph outlining each of the categories and what to file underneath them.

Categories What to file under this heading:
Resources: Videos, Books, and links to relevant web content. Filed under “Resources” is a collection of material that will aim to help educate and inform others on the many different aspects of community development.
      – Books
Links to where to source, read, or buy books or other written material related to various different community development topics.
      – Videos
Multimedia content on youtube or another video sharing platform. Interviews, awareness campaigns, or educational videos.
     – Web links External links to other relevant web pages, biographies, reports, or independently published content on the web.
Courses: From beginner to expert, filed under “Courses” are different kinds of classes, quizzes, or tutorials uploaded by community development practitioners to help teach others and spread awareness.
    – Beginner
This section is for all those new to the topics surrounding community development. Entry level courses to help those unfamiliar develop a basic understanding of the world around them and help build the foundations for further study and awareness.
    – Intermediate
For those who already hold a basic understanding and wish to develop their knowledge further. Courses that present a more in depth understanding of topics and issues and challenge thinking to a high level.
     – Expert Expert courses provide the opportunity for highly skilled community development practitioners to keep themselves educated about the consistently changing world around us and the growth and development in their field of study.
Filed under “Opportunities” is a collection of information about Internships to Seminars. In the hopes of connecting CD practitioners to each other, students to teachers, researchers to publishers.
    – Employment Opportunities
Different types of employment opportunities across the community development sector. Both full time and part time employment spreading across the globe.
    – Upcoming Events Upcoming Events in your local area or around the world. Keep up to date with the goings-on in the community.
     – Internship Opportunities
Opportunities to get your hands dirty and get stuck in with all the great organizations and campaigns hard at work all across the globe.
     – Mentoring Opportunities Education is key. Find out about the mentoring opportunities in your backyard or abroad.
     – Online Opportunities Various different opportunities to get involved with via the world wide web.
     – Upcoming Seminars
Upcoming Seminars in your local area or around the world. Spread awareness and connect with the community.
     – Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering opportunities across the community development sector. Both full time and part time employment spreading across the globe.

Choosing Topics and why them are just as important as Categories.

Although displayed as categories in you post editor sidebar the reason we have added them to the filing system as well as the others is simple. To make your post easier to find throughout the vault. There is a never ending list of topics that can come under the community development umbrella so we thought it best to separate them. Below is a chart of topics and we would recommend putting under each topic.

Topics What to file under this heading:
Advocacy Any content which advocates social, political, or economical systems or discusses the work of others on the matter.
Enterprise Projects or activities that involves many people and that is often very complex.
Food Security
Content which discusses or brings awareness to having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.
Gender Any content related to gender based issues and gender bias problems.
Globalization Content which discusses and brings awareness to the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.
Governance Content which tackles the strategic issues, rather than the operational day-to-day running of businesses.
Government Content which discuss or argue Government plans, issues, and procedures and what is means for CD.
Homeless Surrounding the issue of homelessness, raising awareness, prevention and solutions.
Housing Housing issues, such as development, or lack of. State housing or the the need for healthy homes.
Human Rights Content relating to the UN’s universal declaration of Human Rights, discuss and arguing relevant issues and successes.
Indigenous Material about and for Indigenous people and cultures. Relevant to their specific issues and development.
International Internationally relevant community development content, across the globe.
LGBTI+ Material specific to the LGBTI+ community. Education, awareness, opportunities, and aid.
Local Government Content which discuss or argue Local Government plans, issues, and procedures and what is means for CD.
Migration Content relevant to migration, availability, and procedures for migrants and countries.
Organization Content specific to Community Development organizations and their works and efforts.
Policy Content that discusses, argues, or advocates policies and their outcomes.
Poverty Issues and solutions surrounding poverty and implications and background.
Racism Content surrounding racism, and race related issues. Prevention, awareness, and implications.
Refugee Content relevant to the refugee crisis. Possible solutions, implications, relevant CD involvement.
Sustainability Content surrounding the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance

Note: the topics above are added with the establishment of the GCDEX. New topics are sometimes added and may not be added to the list above.

Finding your content.

Once you press “PUBLISH” on your post it will be automatically deposited into the vault. But how do you find it?

Go to THE VAULT > There is 3 main headings you can search through: RESOURCES, COURSES, AND OPPORTUNITIES OR you can search for content directly through the menu on the left hand side > Once you chose your first categories you will be taken to a list of subheadings you can then search through > You will then be taken to the category archive, where you will find each post categorized under the chosen heading. the posts are organized by date of publish so unless there has been others published in the time in took you to get to the said page the post your looking for will be at the top of the page.

Note: once at the category archive page, in the right hand sidebar you will see a full list of all the headings you can search through from there directly.

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