Sulawesi is one of the poorer islands in Indonesia. Religious conflicts, lack of food or the danger of AIDS are only some of the local problems. The churches are fighting intensively to sustainably improve the conditions of life in their parishes.


Most of the female and male inhabitants in Sulawesi live as farmers in villages scattered all over the island. Each region has different challenges which the local churches want to address with sustainable solutions. The Luwu Church (GPIL) and the Toraja Mamasa Church (GTM) are setting up development centres which intend to create conditions for peace, welfare and justice for Indonesians of both genders.

Sustainable development means integral development. The comprehensive programme aims at raising income, improving health care, protecting the environment, supporting ecological agriculture, combating climate change and solving conflicts between Muslims and Christians. This is the only way to ensure peace and better living conditions in the long term for the people on Sulawesi.

Individual local programmes

Sustainability also means that projects are not only managed by outside people, they are also implemented together with local people and are later handed over completely to them. Every development programme is therefore designed specifically to cater for local conditions. The church and the local target groups first analyse the problems and the urgent needs of the families and village communities. In some places the main problems are religious conflicts. In other places they involve domestic violence, health hazards or too much plastic waste.

The next step is to train motivators who set up local development centres. From there they start all the activities in close cooperation with local authorities: agricultural training courses, health education, conflict management, family counselling and environmental protection are part of the daily agenda. The motivators gradually relinquish control during the course of the project and finally hand over responsibility to the community

Kondoran model project

The Toraja Church (GT), one of the largest and most committed churches on Sulawesi, already started an agricultural development programme in the 1980s. In 2001, the church also included peace and reconciliation work in their programme after conflicts flared up between Christians and Muslims in 1998. In the meantime, the church has concentrated on economic, social, health and ecological activities. This model project has also inspired other Indonesian communities.

Improve the life conditions of female and male Indonesians – your donation supports peace and solves problems in communities through sustainable development.

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