Community Development for the Economy and Enterprise

One of a series of briefing papers by Senscot aims to highlight how social enterprise can deliver effective routes to employment through sport-based activity. To do this, key aspects of successful employability programmes are outlined, including examples of diverse funding streams, opportunities to access public sector contracts and potential routes to fruitful partnerships.

Another describes the definite enthusiasm from many social enterprises to become more involved in social prescribing, both in terms of service design and delivery. Much of this stems from a recognition that this approach reflects the foundation of many social enterprises. By taking a person-centred approach, recognising community as an asset and using activities and services to promote social connections, the ethos of social prescribing chimes with the core principles of many social enterprises. For this reason, social prescribing is particularly relevant to social enterprise.  Check out all briefings here.


Community Development Alliance Scotland. (2018). Retrieved from

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