Community Development and Older People

Kindness, emotions and human relationships: The blind spot in public policy

There is growing recognition of the importance of kindness and relationships for societal wellbeing. But talking about kindness does not fit easily within the rational lexicon of public policy. This Carnegie UK report, Kindness, emotions and human relationships: The blind spot in public policy, brings together learning from discussions and argues that there have been very good reasons for keeping kindness separate from public policy.

However, challenges of our time now demand an approach that is more centred on relationships; and, with technology and artificial intelligence transforming the way we do things, it is imperative that we focus equally on our emotional intelligence.

‘Stay Mobile Stay Connected’

‘Stay Mobile Stay Connected’ is a campaign to change the way we think about older people’s health.
A group of older adults, aged 79 to 92, have created six campaign films with their own advice on achieving happiness and health in later life.

Their first-hand tips range from practical ways to stay on your feet and to avoid loneliness, to much more political demands for changing how public money is spent.


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