Increasing Service User Participation in Local Planning

Dunlop, J.M. & Holosko, M.J. (2016)

A How-To Manual for Macro Practitioners: Oxford University Press


This manual guides macro practitioners as they bring service users into the community planning process. The authors have developed the Community Development Planning Model (CDPM) – a cohesive eight step planning framework anchored in the concept of empowerment. This framework changes the relationship between service users and providers by structuring defined parallel and joint planning tracks that encourage not only service user participation but leadership, and promotes democratic decision-making. Using this model to engage service users encourages transparency, allows for the inclusion of minority voices, and increases planning and program effectiveness.

This approach will be a significant asset in community planning and development courses. The author’s manual helps students understand both the complexity of managing stakeholder relationships and the necessity of a rigorous evidence-informed approach to planning.


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