Doirin Graham – on Community-Led Local Development now

Doirin Graham is the CEO of Clare Local Development Company which on Monday learned that it was successful in its bid for LEADER funding worth €8.9m to County Clare.
Doirin’s company, set up in 1992, went against the tide in competing with the county’s new Local and Community Development Committee for the funding. It was one of four community-based companies that are known to have given the new LCDCs a run for their money.


Click image to capture the full video

By way of background, the LCDCs were set up as part of plans by then-Minister Phil Hogan (now EU Commissioner) to bring about a formal “alignment” between local government and communities, to improve democracy at local level. However, others such as Doirin, her board, staff and indeed a majority of local elected councillors in Co. Clare believed that old-fashioned Community-Led Local Development works best for delivering LEADER – as Doirin outlines here in this interview. The judges obviously agreed.

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