Whakapono: End child poverty in Maori whanau (a preliminary report)

About Child Poverty Action Group

Child Poverty Action Group (Inc) (CPAG) is a non-profit group formed in 1994, and made up of academics, activists, practitioners and supporters. CPAG has a strong education and research role which enables it to contribute to better informed social policy to support children in Aotearoa New Zealand, specifically children who live in poverty. CPAG believes that our high rate of child poverty is not the result of economic necessity, but is due to policy neglect and a flawed ideological emphasis on economic incentives. Through research, CPAG highlights the position of tens of thousands of New Zealand children, and promotes public policies that address the underlying causes of the poverty they live in. If you are not already supporting CPAG and you would like to make a donation to assist with ongoing work, please contact us at the address below or through our website: http://www.cpag.org.nz.

mumClick image to read full report

In September 2017 CPAG adopted the whakatauki: He kai tahu me kikini, he kai tahu me tīhore, mā te tamaiti te iho” (Pinch off a bit, peel off a bit, the inside is for the child” (said of the potted bird)). This whakatauki speaks to keeping the best for children.
The four pou supporting CPAG’s kaupapa are:

• Mana – We aknowledge and uphold the mana of all children.
• Manaakitanga – We believe our society should show respect, generosity and care for all children as taonga.
• Kotahitanga – We work collectively to uphold the mana of all children to ensure they flourish.
• Mātauranga – We believe that child-centred knowledge is essential to upholding their mana and enabling them to thrive.

Reference list: Claire Dale. 2017. Retrieved from http://www.cpag.org.nz/assets/171208%20CPAG%20Whakapono%20Maori%20poverty.pdf

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