Social isolation and older men – learning from research

Due to an increase in life expectancy and other demographic factors, there is now a larger number of older men and women in our society. At the same time, loneliness and social isolation are increasing. This article draws upon a research project undertaken in 2014 to explore existing services for socially isolated older men in Belfast, and outlines key messages. Firstly, the paper highlights some of the experiences of isolated older men in one region of the UK. Secondly, it provides a review of service provision, providing ‘expert’ knowledge about how these services can affect men’s lives in different ways. Finally, the paper offers recommendations for enhancing the provision of services for socially isolated older men, based on the information gathered throughout the project.

linkClick Image to explore research project


Reference list:  Janet Carter Anand, Paula Devine,Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill and                        Lorna Montgomery retrieved from

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