Launch of Children’s Neighbourhood Scotland

What’s ascotland.png Children’s Neighbourhood?

A children’s neighbourhood is an initiative that brings together people, resources and organisations in a neighbourhood area, so that all of those things can work together towards better lives for the children living there.

Within any neighbourhood there is a huge amount of knowledge and resource – in the people who live in the community, the local third sector, public sector organisations and businesses. In a children’s neighbourhood, the idea is for those people and groups to agree a way of working that will help tackle the big issues making it difficult for children and young people to live happily and healthily, do well in school and achieve what they want in life.


When you’re looking at everything that’s going on in one neighbourhood, it’s easier to know exactly what’s needed, to coordinate what is being done, and for different people and organisations to be better connected and joined up. A children’s neighbourhood aims to make sense of the range of different services, projects and interventions in an area, including how these do and don’t work together. Then we take a step beyond existing partnership between organisations to make sure all of these things are working together towards what local people want.

Reference list: Carol McKenzie. 2018. Retrieved from

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