Maori approach to domestic violence/calling men to be better fathers

THE guest speakers from It’s Not OK family violence prevention campaign called for men to be better fathers and to recognise their children’s potential. Phil Paikea said it was a common trait they heard around the country. “We have gone from victims, to perpetrators of violence.




“I wanted to have my father acknowledge me, but all I got was abuse. “Each young man in the country, including those in prisons, have the potential to do great things.” Jeremy Eparima said while many violent men had been victims themselves, it still came down to choices. There needed to be more support for those making the right choice. “What we need is not incarceration. We need a full tool kit on how to operate properly, more help for men to make that change.” Vic Tamati said he had a “typical” Samoan upbringing, which included hidings from all of his family, dad, mum, and aunties and uncles. “That was normal. Every time dad gave me a hiding he said it was love. Came from God. “Before I went into a violence programme in 1992, I smashed my eight-year old daughter with a platform shoe. In my head I was thinking it was love.” He said speaking to a youth group in Tairawhiti this week was one of the saddest things he had seen for quite a while. “They were shattered, because it was their story as well.” He said there were not enough of them doing that work.They had launched Safe Man, Safe Family patch to spread the kaupapa. This week they patched up three Tauawhi men, and gave a patch to guest speaker Te Hamua Nikora for his work supporting the kaupapa.

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Reference list: Gisborne  Hearlad. 2017. Calling men to be better fathers. Retrieved from

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