JACK’s OLD COTTAGE (HD) – an Irish example of community development in rural areas

Various private initiatives contribute to the liveability of rural areas in European countries. ‘Jack’s Old Cottage’ is a practical example from County Mayo in Ireland. The documentary ‘tells’ the specific story of this initiative, and provides answers to the questions why, how, for who, and what. It ends with an interview, and with the opinion of an Irish economic expert. The documentary is meant for education, and information. The documentary is filmed in High Definition on location in Islandeady, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. The duration is 20 minutes & 20 seconds. The first screening was on 3 June 2014 in Mayo Movie World in Castlebar, Ireland. – Willem Blok, sociologist, social worker, author, and film maker


Reference list: Willem Blok. 2014. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrniPYs123Q&t=747s

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