Embedding an indigenous approach to development: Tips from indigenous aid suppliers

CANBERRA — An indigenous approach to development seeks to better engage with communities in developing countries for sustainable change. Community is the focus with engagement, implementation, management, and evaluation occurring at this level.

Rod Reeve, managing director of Ninti One, and Peter Dunn, global indigenous economic development advisor for i2i Development, said the approach is gaining traction as evidence of the benefits mounts.

NGOs including Oxfam are already seeking advice and support for including indigenous approaches in their programming. But both Reeve and Dunn hope that the approach can become mainstream and not specialized.

See full article here

Reference list: Lisa Cornish. 2017. Retrieved from https://www.devex.com/news/embedding-an-indigenous-approach-to-development-tips-from-indigenous-aid-suppliers-91034

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