I am happy to announce we are taking African Community Project to the next level by creating Zambian Community Forests. This Zambian ran, community based organisation will unite all our community projects across Zambia under one body. Innocent Kalinda is one of the Steering Committee to get it up and running.

Innocent 20170820-Innocent-profile-photo-7.jpgKalinda is 39 and is the CEO and founder of Chibolya Education & Health Organisation (CEHOZ) a local NGO in Mazabuka District also he has represented African Community Project (ACP) as the Outreach Coordinator for Mazabuka Community Forests since the beginning. He brings with him to Zambian Community Forests (ZCF) his vast experience in NGO management, procurement, accounting and project management; holding many diplomas and certificates.

Kids and Trees.


On July 14, 2017 Felix the Coordinator for Mumbi Community Forests of African Community Project in Petauke District handed out seedlings to students visiting our demonstration nursery in Mumbi Village. This group is from Chesebo Community School and they will take the seedlings home and plant around their homes.

2017 Seed Collection

pic 3.jpg

June 9, 2017 Leucaena seed collection from our members has begun in Mumbi Community Forests Planting has become.1.jpg


March 20, 2017: The Demonstration Nursery in Mumbi Village is completed and Felix, African Community Project’s Outreach Coordinator and volunteers from the Nyalukomba charcoal making group are busy filling the poly grow pots to start planting. Nyalukomba Community Forests will get their nursery next week.

New Demonstration Tree Nursery


20170714 Chesebo Community School students.url.jpg

This week African Community Project’s Felix ‘Green Thumb’ Nguluwe is overseeing the building of a new Demonstration Tree Nursery with Mumbi Community Forests members in the heart of Mumbi Village.

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