Wise Practices in Indigenous Community Development Symposium

The Wise Practices in Indigenous Community Development Symposium at Banff Centre in September 2012 presented stories of successful Indigenous community development. Participants learned first-hand from community members who engaged their people, developed sustainable enterprises, and who shared in the pride that comes from positive endeavours. The two-day symposium brought together Indigenous community leaders from Alberta, throughout Canada, and beyond. The symposium included keynote speakers, panel presentations, and special events that examined the wise practices of a variety of Indigenous communities, and explored how such knowledge can be applied by Indigenous leaders to develop their own communities.

The symposium was the culmination of a two-and-a-half year research project focused on wise practices in four Alberta Aboriginal communities. With generous support from the Rural Alberta Development Fund and Nexen Inc., Indigenous Leadership and Management at Banff Centre engaged in this research initiative to provide rural Alberta communities and leaders with learning, skill development, and tools for a business approach to successful self-governance and sustainable community development.

The “Best Practices in Rural Alberta Project” builds on the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, and is the first project in Canada to provide tools for a systematic approach to understanding the critical success factors among best practices in Alberta’s rural Aboriginal communities. We are pleased to share knowledge from this symposium, and other applied research projects, as a resource to help other Indigenous communities create their own success stories. The next success story could be yours.

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References: Banff Centre. 2018. Retrieved From https://www.banffcentre.ca/wise-practices-indigenous-community-development-symposium


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