Sioux lookout First Nations Health Authority.

What is Public Health/Community Wellbeing?

Public Health/Community Wellbeing looks at the health of the community or population as a whole, instead of individuals. It focuses on the prevention of illnesses and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, as opposed to treating illnesses. Public Health/Community Wellbeing looks at what needs to be in place in systems or communities in order to keep people as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

In 2010, the Chiefs in Assembly passed Resolution 10-06 Implementation of Public Health System, which mandated SLFNHA to develop integrated model for public health for the communities. SLFNHA then applied for, and received, funding from Health Canada’s Health Services Integration Fund to develop the public health system. SLFNHA undertook this task with the support of a Public Health Working Group, which included representatives from Tribal Councils, communities, public health units, and provincial and federal government.

Through community engagement, and working with Tribal Council and community representatives, it was determined that the term public health was not the right term for the communities and the name Approaches to Community Wellbeing (ACW) was born.

The Approaches to Community Wellbeing, at Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority, includes four main program areas: Healthy Living, Raising our Children, Safe Communities, and Roots for Community Wellbeing. In order to achieve our goal of ensuring a holistic approach, these four program areas are supported by the Regional Wellness Response Program to support the incorporation of mental health promotion and perspectives throughout programming.

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