Simon Community Scotland

Simon Community Scotland logoSimon Community Scotland (SCS) describe their mission and vision as one were they are working to combat the causes and effects of homelessness, with a vision that everyone should have a safe place to live and access to the support they need.

Everything SCS do is about and for people: the people they support, their staff, their partners and everyone affected by homelessness.

SCS values are built into every area of activity and tell the story of how people remain at the heart of the Simon Community:


  • SCS include everyone in the services and resources they need, regardless of their circumstances and ensure each person’s voice and influence is heard and felt in everything that they do.


  • Each person that SCS support is an individual with unique circumstances, needs and future potential, therefore they require a uniquely tailored response.


  • SCS see beyond a person’s current or past circumstances, recognising their inherent value, worth and potential as human beings.


  • SCS work positively with others to deliver a truly inclusive and personalised approach, improve our response and add value to the experience of the people they support.


  • SCS encourage and support ambition, building on strengths to foster hope for the people they support and deliver growth and development for staff and volunteers.

To find out more about Simon Community Scotland visit their website by Clicking Here.

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