Scottish Community Re:Investment Trust

SCRT LogoScottish Community Re:Investment Trust (SCRT) describe their vision as an effective, socially-committed and prospering Scottish third sector sustained by a financial infrastructure aligned to its needs.

SCRT mission is to allow the third sector to pool its financial resources for the mutual benefit of the sector and the communities it serves.

The community reinvestment model is based on the premise that third sector organisations and personnel (staff/trustees/volunteers) have a vested interest in ensuring the sector they either work for or volunteer with is successful.  By becoming social investors in the sector, not only are they using their financial resources in a socially responsible manner, but their organisations are more financially robust and better able to meet their charitable and community outcomes.

SCRT does this by developing bespoke ‘Community Loan Funds’ that allow organisations and personnel with money, to invest in organisations looking to borrow money but struggle to do so from mainstream banks or social investment providers. This enables the sector to take more responsibility for its own long term financial needs and ensure loanshare available for supporting new ideas, emerging initiatives and cheaper, patient and micro lending.  These community loan funds can be created for either communities of interest (national, local or thematic) or specific geographical communities.

SCRT core values include working within the third sector’s four broad value-based narratives as follows:

  • Independence: by supporting the development of a third sector able to work independently of both state and private sector interests;
  • Working for the common good: by committing to practical steps to building a common, collective and shared wealth through the third sector and the communities it serves;
  • Social justice: by asserting a fair society and protection of the planet as pre-conditions for third sector development and a wider sustainable society; and
  • Democratic practice: by drawing from the third sector’s long-standing democratic traditions of mutualism, collaboration, and inclusion and advocacy.

To find out more about the Scottish Community Re:Investment Trust visit their website by Clicking Here.

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