The People’s Development Trust

PDT LogoThe People’s Development Trust (PDT) describes themselves as committed to ensuring that it secures the best possible opportunities and benefits for the people of the area, and supports long term regeneration ambitions. This commitment forms the basis of the ongoing vision for the future development of the PDT; to act as a vehicle to ensure that maximum community benefit and a lasting legacy is secured from the planned regeneration programmes in the East End of Glasgow.


  1. Acting as a vehicle for the involvement of local people in the regeneration process.
  2. Owning, managing and operating a range of community facilities for the benefit of local people.
  3. Developing and delivering a range of economic, social and environmental services in response to local needs.
  4. Generating income and building the asset base for re-investment in the local community.


The PDT works towards undertaking a range of activity to provide ongoing support within the local community, whilst at the same time working towards supporting the long-term regeneration of the area. The vision is to undertake a range of work over a short to medium term to achieve the long term goal; ensuring that local residents are continually consulted and involved in identifying local needs.

If you would like to know more about the People’s Development Trust feel free to visit their website by Clicking Here or you can follow them on Facebook

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