Sacro (Scottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders)

sacro logoSacro (Scottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders) is a Scottish community justice organisation. Describing themselves as working towards creating  safer and more cohesive communities across Scotland. Sacro provides a wide range of services spanning all aspects of the community justice continuum. These range from conflict resolution to prevent disputes escalating, to supporting prisoners on release. All services are designed to create safe and cohesive communities by reducing conflict and offending. The organisation works with a broad range of people, including those harmed by crime and those responsible for that harm.

As a Scotland-wide voluntary organisation, Sacro are committed to providing services that contribute to positive transformational changes in the lives of their service users. Sacro work independently and collaboratively within Scotland’s communities to provide support, prevent conflict and challenge offending behaviour wherever the need arises. Sacro services are based on research evidence, service user feedback, international standards of good practice and a commitment to development and innovation.

Since its inception, Sacro has grown and developed new services for young people, bail, intensive supervision of high risk offenders and other priority categories. Sacro currently has almost 200 staff and volunteers, offering over 60 services in 22 locations across Scotland. In 2012/2013 our services received more than 9,000 referrals. Within each of these referrals are individuals who require support, guidance or monitoring to reduce the risk of further conflict or offending. Sacro has played its part by contributing to reducing reoffending with the figures for recorded crime in Scotland at a 42-year low. Sacro’s work has a tangible and far-reaching benefit for the people of Scotland, its communities and society. Although the organisation has changed and evolved over its 45 years, they understand that supporting and guiding their service users through positive transformational life changes contributes greatly to a reduction in their conflict and offending.

Their vision is for a safer Scotland, able to resolve conflict constructively and to deal effectively with offending and its consequences.

Sacro’s mission is to be a community-based organisation that will create safe and cohesive communities by reducing conflict and offending.

Sacro’s values and principles include being committed to working to the highest ethical standards. These include: integrity; recognising and valuing diversity; promoting equality of opportunity; and probity in the use of public funds. Their practice is guided by the belief that all should be shown respect and be empowered to take personal responsibility, acknowledging their capacity for change. Sacro’s key principles are that they acknowledge:

  • Conflict is most effectively resolved through informal, facilitated resolution which assists those involved to identify their own lasting solutions;
  • Offending and its consequences are most effectively dealt with through an emphasis on community disposals and sentencing, other than where there is an overriding need to protect society.

To find out more about the services that Sacro offer feel free to visit their website by Clicking Here, or you could follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

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