Horshader Community Development

Horshader Community Development LogoHorshader Community Development (HCD) is a community-owned charitable trust established in May 2005 to plan and run a community wind farm for the benefit of people in South Shawbost, Dalbeag and Dalmore on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis.

Horshader Community Development was the first community group in the Western Isles to develop a renewable energy revenue-generating project in the form of a 900kW single wind energy converter. The turbine is a 900kW Enercon E44, which has a built in Storm Control function allowing the turbine to continue generating in much higher winds than previous models. It is owned and operated by Horshader trading subsidiary Risort Power Generation Ltd. This company gifts all of its residual profit to Horshader Community Development, which is a registered charity.

HCD’s priority is to use revenues from the wind turbine to fund projects that improve quality of life, increase employment prospects, protect the environment, and encourage young people to stay in the area.

Every resident of the townships of South Shawbost, Dalbeag and Dalmore is eligible to become a Company member, to stand for election as a director, to attend meetings, and to get regular updates regarding projects that the community have requested. The HCD want to empower local residents, to lend people a voice and to get them involved in decision-making processes, enabling, over the coming years, real improvements and developments for their community.

To find out more about Horshader Community Development Click Here, or you can follow them on Facebook.

References: Horshader Community Development. 2018. Retrieved from http://www.horshader.com/about.htm

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