Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland LogoSkills Development Scotland (SDS) is the national skills body supporting the people and businesses of Scotland to develop and apply their skills.

SDS state that they are proud to be the skills agency for Scotland and with more than 1,200 colleagues working across the country in schools, careers centres and partner locations, SDS are passionate about skills development and its contribution to a modern, innovative and prosperous Scottish economy.

SDS describe themselves as being committed to building a Scotland which champions fair work practices and a diverse workforce.

Working with their partners, SDS strive to ensure employers have the right skills at the right time in high performing, fair and equal workplaces, and that every individual has the skills and confidence to get a job and progress in the workplace, achieving their full potential.

SDS support for employers includes tailored skills advice and funding for workforce development, with 25,000 new Modern Apprentices starting each year. Recognising the benefits this brings to employers, individuals and the economy, we are committed to increasing this to 30,000 by 2020.

If you would like to find out more about Skills Development Scotland Click Here.

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