Club Development Scotland

Club Development ScotlandClub Development Scotland (CDS) describe themselves as a one-stop resource for clubs of any size and scale to help them best govern and develop their activities.

Alongside their guidelines, CDS offer a range of services to sport clubs of all shapes and sizes (and across a number of sports) to help them achieve their aims and objectives.

CDS is an extension of the work that has been delivered throughout England and Wales by Supporters Direct (Club Development) and was also partly been formed from a recommendation from the ‘Supporter Involvement in Football Governance’ Report which came from a Working Group involving Supporters Direct, the Scottish FA, the SPFL, SportScotland and the Scottish Government.

CDS is the consultancy arm of Supporters Direct Scotland, a membership organisation created to address the disconnect between football clubs and supporters.

Supporters Direct is the leading organisation working with and promoting sports clubs with community involvement in their ownership and governance structures and is a member of the Scottish FA’s Congress as a supporters representative.

We’ve help set up over 30 Supporters Trust and assisted in the conversion of several clubs into community ownership.

To find out more about Club Development Scotland you can visit their website HERE.

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