Carnoustie Community Development Trust

Carnoustie Community Development Trust

Carnoustie Community Development Trust (CCDT) was set up in the Spring of 2016 to work to bring to fruition the projects identified as important to the residents of Carnoustie via the town charrette held in 2015 – The Big Carnoustie Conversation.

Local communities across Scotland have been taking action at community level to initiate improvements to infrastructure, and to organise events aimed at improving community life and well-being, as well as attracting inward investment in the shape of grants and business revenue to support a wide range of projects. Community Development Trusts have been established in a wide range of towns, villages, and neighbourhoods to drive forward this work. There are around 240 Development Trusts across Scotland at the time of drafting this information, and the number is growing steadily. Most are members of Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS), a body supported by the Scottish Government to provide independent advice and support to Development Trusts to ensure communities get the maximum benefit from their local trust. (click here for DTAS website)

The body set up to promote the interests of Carnoustie and District, Carnoustie Community Development Trust, has been established as a not-for profit Limited Company with its own Articles and Memorandum of Association setting out its constitution (  click here to view the full Articles of Association), which provides for a full Board of up to 12 Directors. To allow it to be formally established, it was necessary to create an Interim Board of volunteer Directors (click here for details of CCDT’s Interim Board of Directors). Prior to CCDT’s first Annual General Meeting to be held on a date to be confirmed later in the summer of 2017, nominations will be invited from the current membership of CCDT for elections to bring the Board up to its full strength of 12, with an election, if necessary, being carried out as part of the AGM.

To support the growth of this grassroots movement, the Scottish Government has enacted the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, the broad purpose of which is to empower communities and community bodies by strengthening their voices in decisions about public services, and by creating the opportunity for them to to take ownership or control of land and buildings (Community Asset Transfer) (click here for a link to the Scottish Government FAQ on the Community Empowerment Act). Councils are required to involve community bodies at all stages of community planning via Local Community Planning Partnerships (CPP’S), and CCDT is a member of the Angus LCPP.

To find out more about the Carnoustie Community Development Trust visit their website HERE, or you can follow CCDT on Twitter or Facebook.

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