National Development Team for Inclusion

NDTiNational Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) describe themselves as existing to make change happen by celebrating what’s possible, supporting changemakers and building self-determination.  NDTI put people’s voices at the centre of everything they do.

NDTi’s vision includes a society where all people, regardless of age or disability, are valued and able to live the life they choose.

NDTi’s purpose includes promoting good lives for all people in their communities by supporting changemakers, resetting expectations, tackling problems and celebrating what’s possible.

NDTi’s goals include in believing that all people should have choice and control over their own lives, that their human rights be respected and that they are valued as equals.

NDTi inspire and support policymakers, services and communities to make change happen – change that leads to better lives.

NDTi have a unique offer in the health and social care sector that spans policy development, consultancy, training, research and evaluation. Working to fundamentally reset expectations and trigger the important conversations needed to raise people’s aspirations. Their contracts are undertaken by carefully tailored teams of staff, associates and partners who are each selected to meet the particular needs and requirements of their clients.

NDTi’s portfolio of work focuses on achieving positive change through four priority areas:

  • Promoting equal life chances
  • Ensuring people’s voices are heard
  • Rethinking service design
  • Changing how organisations work

To find out more about the National Development Team for Inclusion visit their website HERE, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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