Scotland’s Environment Web

Scotland's Enviroment WebScotland’s environment web, managed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), is delivering a shared hub for environmental information and data. Underpinned by a multi-agency partnership, Scotland’s environment web is committed to sharing data and skills and exploiting web-based digital opportunities.

A collaboration between partners

Working in partnership is at the very heart of Scotland’s environment web. With contributions from some of Scotland’s leading organisations that look to protect and improve the environment, the website presents information in a way that makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for.

The Scotland’s environment network

Through partnerships and collaborations, Scotland’s environment web is growing a network of interconnected, trusted and authoritative sources of data and information. Through search, discovery and clear signposting, users can choose the level of detail they prefer for data interaction.

Environmental benefits

  • A multi-agency view of Scotland’s environment – informs the way our environment is monitored and allows public bodies to focus monitoring activities on the most important threats.
  • Web-based tools to access, view, and analyse environmental data – supports evidence-based policy development, assessments, and decision making.
  • Map search and geographical area querying tools aid understanding of environmental features, designations and local environmental quality by business, communities and researchers.

Economic benefits

  • A shared platform for collaboration and innovation delivers joined-up services and value for money by reusing existing applications and infrastructure to develop new digital products designed to meet the needs of users and partners.
  • Promotion of the use of open data by third party applications adds value to an organisation’s data.
  • Smaller agencies and individuals have quick and easy access to a wide range of shared data.

Social benefits

  • Local communities are empowered to observe and record environmental change, so improving our understanding of the local environment.

To find out more about Scotland’s environment web CLICK HERE, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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