Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015

Scottish GovtWhat is community planning?

Community planning helps local public services to work together and with local communities to plan and deliver better services that make a real difference to people’s lives. It is based on the idea that public bodies can get better results locally by working together and with our communities so that public services improve for the people who use them.

The Community Planning Partnership (or CPP) is the name given to all those who come together to take part in community planning. There are 32 CPPs across Scotland, 1 for each council area. Each CPP is responsible for developing and delivering their plan in their council area.

Local public services such as councils, NHS boards, police and fire services, and other public bodies are partners in the CPP. These partners work together to improve the way that local services are planned, co-ordinated and carried out. When community planning works well, services meet the needs of people living locally; especially those people who need those services most and who can benefit most from them.

Who is the guide for?

This guide is to help people and community bodies understand what community planning is all about. It’s a summary of the main points of interest for members of the public and community groups. The guide does not include everything public services should be doing to make community planning work. These are set out in the Act and community planning guidance, both of which are available from the Scottish Government Weblink.

References: The Scottish Government. 2016. Retrieved from

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