Social Firms Scotland

Social Firms ScotlandSocial Firms Scotland (SFS) was constituted in May 2000 as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. It was born out of a recognition that if Social Firms were to develop they required a landscape that understood and supported the concept. An organisation was required that provided a voice for the sector, that would be a pioneer and begin to pull together both people’s understanding and give a focus to people’s efforts.

“We strongly value the right of everyone to work and believe Social Firms are a real and sustainable solution to creating employment and meanginful work opportunities for people furthest from the labour market.”

SFS is the national support body for Social Firms in Scotland. A Social Firm is a specific type of Social Enterprise where the social mission is to create employment, and meaningful work (incl training and volunteering opportunities) for people who face significant barriers to employment – in particular, people with a disability (including mental ill health and learning disabilities) a substance abuse issue, a prison record, a homelessness issue and young people.

To find out more visit their website, Social Firms Scotland or you could follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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