Scottish Communities for Health and Well-being

SCHWScottish Communities for Health and Well-being (SCHW) is an organisation which grew out of the Scottish Healthy Living Centre Alliance and is dedicated to promoting and delivering health improvements and reducing health inequalities in many of Scotland’s communities in most need.

SCHW is 74 community-led organisations operating and delivering services and activities day-in-day-out to individuals and groups from early years to senior citizens.  The organisations deliver, in creative and responsive ways, to over 300,000 people who are experiencing difficulties which give rise to serious health and well-being challenges and who want to bring about major improvements their lives.

SCHW is made up of organisations which are embedded in their communities, have established trust and respect and which are governed by boards of local people in their community.

SCHW is made up of organisations which, in their communities, employ over 500 staff, engage over 3,000 volunteers and reach over 300,000 Scottish people every year.

SCHW is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation which is governed by a Board of Directors who are all volunteers and come from the 74 organisations.  The central co-ordination involves minimal overheads and bureaucracy.  The overriding focus is on delivering outcomes for people in communities.

To find out more visit their website Scottish Communities for Health and Well-being or you can follow them on Twiiter.

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