Community Resources Network Scotland (CRNS)

CRNSCRNS describes their vision as a future where there is no waste, only resources. Where people, communities and the environment are valued and respected.

CRNS’s mission is to build a stronger community reuse, repair and recycling sector in Scotland that can create real social, environmental and economic benefit within our local communities.

Their objective is to conserve and protect the physical and natural environment by reducing the proliferation of landfill sites, and in particular through the promotion of sustainable waste management. To advance the education of the public in Scotland concerning reuse, repair, recycling, waste minimisation and waste management through a programme of knowledge and information dissemination, seminars, forums, digital media and key annual strategic events, and to aid poverty alleviation by working to provide social and economic benefits and opportunities to people who are most excluded from society.

The values of CRNS include being committed to the principles of Zero Waste and sustainable development; accountable to the Membership; committed to local communities delivering local reuse, repair and recycling solutions; committed to carrying out all of its activities with trust, integrity and openness; committed to social and environmental justice.

CRNS see their role as the ‘voice of the sector’ striving to obtain a responsible circular economy in Scotland, raising awareness of reuse, repair and recycle and represent community reuse and recycling organisations across Scotland on issues of sustainable community resource management, acting as the authoritative voice on these issues.

CRNS is a membership body for community organisations managing waste resources at a local level through recycling, reuse, composting, waste reduction and waste education activities. In addition to providing information and advice to both existing and emerging community organisations, CRNS works to raise the profile of the sector through promotional activities and political lobbying.

Most members of the CRNS are social enterprises managing waste resources at a local level through recycling, reuse, composting, waste reduction and waste education activities. They prevent tonnes of valuable products and materials from ending up in landfill, create local jobs and other economic opportunities, and typically work to help those on low incomes or who are disadvantaged. As well as representing its membership body, CRNS works on a number of projects and programmes to support the third sector in Scotland in pursuit of Zero Waste. The majority of these are funded by Zero Waste Scotland, which receives funding from the Scottish Government to support delivery of Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan. Zero Waste Scotland delivers a range of programmes, campaigns and other interventions to help people and organisations on the journey to Zero Waste.
To learn more about Community Resources Network Scotland visit their website HERE.
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