The Scottish Islands Federation

scottish-islands-federationThe Scottish Islands Federation (SIF) gives a voice for the Scottish Islands.

The aims and objectives of the Scottish Islands federation is to promote, publicise and advance the interests of Scotland’s islands. These include developing a broad and inclusive membership from all Scottish Islands. To ensure community and voluntary groups have a voice and are well represented within the federation. To work with councils, agencies and the Scottish Executive to ensure that island needs are well understood. To represent the interests of Scottish islands at regional, national and European levels. To share good practices and facilitate information exchange amongst Scottish islanders. To
encourage networking on and between islands throughout Scotland and Europe and to
acquire, disseminate and utilise knowledge resources for islanders through the Internet.

The SIF is also a member of  the European Small Islands Federation (ESIN). Countries that are members include Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Aaland, Denmark, Ireland, France, Greece, Italy and Croatia.

To find out more you can visit their website The Scottish Islands Federation, or follow them on Facebook

References: The Scottish Islands Federation. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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