Fintry Development Trust

Fintry Fevelopment TrustFintry is a small rural community in West Stirlingshire located between the Campsie and Fintry Hills which has a population of approximately 600 people. The organisation emerged in response to a proposal from a private developer to build a wind farm. Local people joined together to negotiate with the developer to increase the footprint of the wind farm by one additional turbine. Although Fintry Development Trust has done a lot of other things in the past few years, it is probably still best known for the relationship it has with Earlsburn Windfarm. The essence of this relationship is that the Trust, via its trading subsidiary Fintry Renewable Energy Enterprise (FREE), has a right to a ‘turbine’s worth’ of the income generated by the whole wind farm. The trading subsidiary donates the income it earns from the turbine to Fintry Development Trust and this money is used to support the work of FDT in the community.

To find out more about the Fintry Development Trust feel free to visit their website HERE.

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