Talk at the Kitchen Table


NourishIf there’s any truth in the adage – we are what we eat –  we should worry. According to a study of eating habits in 19 European countries, the UK eats more ‘ultra-processed’ foods than the rest of Europe – over 50% of what we eat isn’t real food at all. And it’s not as if the links with obesity and poor health aren’t understood. In advance of the Good Food Nation Bill being introduced to Scottish Parliament, the whole country is being invited to take part in a Kitchen Table Talk. What kind of food system do we really want?

Click here how to run a Kitchen Table Talk

The Scottish Food Coalition launched their public engagement on the Good Food Nation Bill today. The Kitchen Table Talks engagement will explore public priorities for a good food nation in preparation for the Government’s consultation.

Pete Ritchie, Executive Director at Nourish Scotland and Co-Convenor of the Scottish Food Coalition said:

“Becoming a Good Food Nation requires a whole of Government and whole of society approach. It stretches from social justice and health, to rural economy, environment, land reform and climate change.

“The Government’s consultation is expected to begin later in 2018. For truly transformative legislation we need the voices of people across Scotland to shape the whole process.”

Vicki Swales, Head of Land Use Policy at the RSPB Scotland and Co-Convenor of the Scottish Food Coalition said:

“We expect to have over 300 Kitchen Table Talks hosted across Scotland in the next 10 weeks. Everyone is invited to participate – whatever your relationship to food is: we all have a stake in the future of our food system”

Angus Hardie, Director at the Scottish Community Alliance said:Scottish Community Alliance

“Kitchen Table Talks are a brilliant way to let Government know what we think about our food system. They can happen anywhere – in your village hall, down the pub, in your favourite cafe or even at your kitchen table. Let’s get talking!”


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