Climate Knowledge Brokering in Latin America and the Caribbean

Climate KAbout this report

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are especially vulnerable to the current and predicted impacts of climate change, due in part to the heavy reliance of their economies and populations’ livelihoods on fragile natural resources. This makes sound, climate-sensitive decision-making based on reliable climate change information particularly important. Currently, though, decision makers in LAC are often faced with a lack of tailored resources: the information they can find is not in their language, or not applicable to their particular situation. A lack of awareness and difficulties accessing existing information, among other issues, also form important barriers to climate change information being used in decision-making.SDG-goals_Goal-13 Climate Action

Climate knowledge brokers help users overcome these challenges by working in chains to connect producers with users of information. They point decision makers to the right information, and they filter, synthesise and tailor information to make it more relevant and useful.

To view the report in full click HERE.

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