Sustainable Development Goals: European Community Development Network (EuCDN)

EuCDNEuCDN latest Briefing was posted on the website HERE.

It gives the background to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and an account of an event organised by EuCDN, International Association for Community Development (IACD) and Community Work Ireland (CWI) exploring the role at various levels which community development might take. The Briefing also has a short Bibliography by way of an introduction to the topic.

EuCDN argues that without community development, the sustainable development goals will be unattainable. They have the potential to begin to better integrate our work with other professions and to demonstrate community development has a significant and critical role to play in delivering the SDGs, a role in engaging the most disadvantaged and vulnerable that we are best placed to undertake.

SDG-goals_Goal-03 Good Health & Well-BeingSD 3 Good Health and Well-being

The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) has published a Roadmap with actions that decision makers need to urgently consider in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage for all patients in the EU by 2030. In contrast with Sustainable Development Goal 3, disparities in access to healthcare in Europe are increasing despite universal health coverage being a well-recognised goal for all healthcare systems in the EU. This basic right is not yet a reality for all patients in the EU.

In line with EPF’s 2017 Campaign on Access to Healthcare, this roadmap provides decision makers with recommendations to achieve for all patients Universal Health Coverage in the EU by 2030. It calls on Member States and the EU to commit to a long-term vision where equity of access and Universal Health Coverage is a reality for all.

The following overarching principles are needed;

✓ The right to health ✓ Leaving no one behind ✓ Person-centredness ✓ Inter-sectoral action for health ✓ Integrated care ✓ Open dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, including patients ✓ Adequate and sustainable investment in healthcare and the health workforce ✓ Transparency on the cost of healthcare ✓ Respecting quality of care standards and their upward convergence ✓ Alignment of national development, social and health policies ✓ Policy coherence across SDGs ✓ Sufficient means for SDG implementation ✓ Enhanced SDG monitoring and accountability ✓ Paradigm shift driven by political will and social solidarity

Taking Action – A Roadmap to Achieving Universal Health Coverage for All by 2030

Sustainable and Solidarity

Economy Sustainable and Solidarity Economy (SUSY) brings together and shows examples of the solidarity economy. The SUSY online platform maps social and solidarity enterprises and is live and updated with more than 1,200 cooperatives, social initiatives, co-working spaces, food and agriculture initiatives, self-organized and self-managed efforts and any other type of initiative that arises from the sector of the solidarity economy all over Europe.

The SUSY map exhibits through several filters different categories of the solidarity economy that have emerged due to various economic, environmental and social challenges, that not only provide necessary and alternative solutions but also show that different paths are feasible. Categories include finance, active citizenship, fair trade, housing, social inclusion and empowerment, recycle – upcycle – re-use.

All can be found here:

SDG 17The SUSY map also includes some new functionalities via the 17 SDGs, where each goal is correlated with each initiative, showing how the social and solidarity economy directly contributes and moves hand in hand with the SDG achievement.

References: European Community Development Network Update 13 Newsletter.

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