Social Work, Education and Social Development (SWSD) 2018

SWSD 2018Dublin will host the Joint World Social Work, Education and Social Development Conference, for the first time, on the 4-7 th July 2018 in the Royal Dublin Society. This major world conference is being organised on behalf of the International Federation of Social Workers, the International Schools of Social Work and the International Council on Social Welfare.

The theme of the 2018 conference is Environmental and Community Sustainability: Human Solutions in Evolving Societies and over 2,500 delegates are expected to attend. The conference scientific programme aims to build on the successes of the previous world conferences with sub-themes built around the sustainable development of our environment and our communities. Discussions will consist of lectures, oral presentations, workshops, symposia, poster rounds as well as exhibition space.

The conference will bring together practitioners, academics, educators, policy makers and users of services from around the world to discuss key issues that affect their lives and those of the individuals, families and communities with whom they work.

 You can view further information here:

References: European Community Development Network Update 13 Newsletter.

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