European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

ENARNew research with migrants in five European Union countries – Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Sweden – has revealed particularly bad housing conditions and low life satisfaction. The survey begins to explore how ethnicity and nationality impacts on the life chances of migrants. EU Member States need to develop appropriate anti-discrimination policy responses in the areas of employment, housing and criminal justice, and to improve the effectiveness of integration programmes.

Respondents reported high levels of discrimination and verbal abuse, feelings of being treated worse than their colleagues at work and being victims of crime on the basis of their ethnicity or migration status.

Some key survey findings:

  • Life satisfaction is very low for all respondents, but particularly so for all groups in Greece, and for Black Africans, undocumented people and asylum seekers in the other countries.
  • A majority of respondent’s experience difficulties finding a home to live in (77% overall) and overcrowding is most common in reception and detention centres in Greece and Italy.
  • 36% of respondents who were the victims of crime felt the crime was committed because of their ethnicity and 53% overall because of their migration status. Reporting crime is an issue, in particular for undocumented migrants due to fear of deportation. The highest reported distrust of the police is in Hungary (23% of respondents).
  • Being overqualified for a job is commonly reported amongst those on a study permit; and those who came to Europe for family reunification reasons (54%). Reasons preventing them from doing jobs which match their qualifications included language barriers and legal status.

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European Community Development Network (EuCDN) produced a Briefing on Community Development and Migration following an event in Hungary. It outlined the position of asylum seekers and refugees at that time and explored community development practice in 4 member countries. It also included a short, annotated bibliography.

It can be had here;

References: EuCDN Update 13 Newsletter.

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