New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy 2018 – 2022

SCDCThe Scottish Government, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and the Scottish Refugee Council have published the 2018-2022 New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy. It sets out key principals for supporting refugees and asylum seekers and acts as a platform for organisations to develop their work around. The strategy, which has been endorsed by the United Nations Refugee Agency, was developed through a series of engagement events and input from more than 700 refugees and asylum seekers. SCDC is currently working on a research programme to better understand community development activity across Scotland which supports refugee integration. ‘Widening the Welcome’ is assessing what learning support might be needed and exploring the existing models and contributing to the development of new tools and techniques which can be shared. The work is based around the new strategy, underpinned by four key outcomes:

  1. Refugees and asylum seekers live in safe, welcoming and cohesive communities and are able to build diverse relationships and connections.
  2. Refugees and asylum seekers understand their rights, responsibilities and entitlements and are able to exercise them to pursue full and independent lives.
  3. Refugees and asylum seekers are able to access well-coordinated services, which recognise and meet their rights and needs.
  4. Policy, strategic planning and legislation, which have an impact on refugees and asylum seekers, are informed by their rights, needs and aspirations.

The strategy takes a rights-based approach focusing on seven themes, with specific objectives and actions for each. There are also commitments to support refugee integration around the implementation of legislation such as the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act. You can get the strategy HERE.

References: Scotland Community Development Centre. (n.d.). Retrieved from

ECDN Update 13 Newsletter.

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