International Association for Community Development (IACD)

iacd-fav-icoA discussion paper has been prepared for IACD to provide guidance as to common international standards for community development practice. The paper presents the key themes and areas common across community development practice wherever it might take place.

IACD is keen to get views on this draft Guidance. The intention is to then publish Guidance on a set of Common International Standards for Community Development Practice required by stakeholders working in this field. Send comments no later than the end of March to Please mark your email as: IACD Standards Guidance.

More information can be found here:

The Special Birthday Issue of IACD’s magazine Practice Insights is now available to download. This Special Issue reflects upon some of the key influencers and shapers of the community development profession and movement since 1953.

Here is a link to the IACD latest Practice Insights magazine. PI-9-COVER

References: ECDN Update 13 Newsletter.

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