GURT Resource Centre: Jobs and entrepreneurial thinking

GurtJobs and entrepreneurial thinking: the results of small business support projects in Ukraine were shared at an event organised by the GURT Resource Centre. Participants spoke about the development and stimulation of small business in Ukraine, as the economic basis of sustainable development of communities and the foundation of civil society. During both Revolutions, the small business was the key driver of social change and the basis of the volunteer movement.

The contribution of small businesses to the development of local communities is growing every year and becoming more and more visible.

From 30 November to 2 December 2017 Ukraine hosted a conference ‘Future of the National Network of Ukrainian Civil Society Organizations’ organised by the GURT Resource Centre in cooperation with the Kyiv office of the Kennan Institute, the Estonian NGO Network (NENO) and the Ukrainian Catholic University, with the financial support of the Governments of Sweden and Estonia. It united more than 80 participants from Ukraine, as well as guests from abroad. The event gathered leaders of CSOs — leaders of numerous public organisations and charitable foundations.

The network of civil society organizations in Ukraine can be an important channel of horizontal communication and a mechanism for the introduction of innovation. The network will increase the capacity of individual organizations that are part of it, will help to influence the authorities, donors and society. The network will strengthen each participant and provide opportunities for growth and efficiency gains. The network will allow Ukrainian civil society to become a parity participant in dialogue with central and local authorities, as well as national and international donor organizations. Conference took the first step towards developing a common vision of the national network of civil society organizations in Ukraine.

 You can find information about the conference at HERE and on Facebook and Jobs and Entrepreneurial thinking.

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